• How to chop garlic

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How to chop garlic

Watch Steven Saunders take garlic from head to puree in this quick techniques video.

1. Break up the garlic bulb by thumping it or pressing down heavily using the side of a knife.

2. To remove the skin form a clove, put it on a chopping board and lay the side of a cook’s knife on it. Push lightly to break the skin, then pull it away.

3. For sliced garlic: finely slice the garlic widthways.

4. For chopped garlic: chop the garlic roughly, then sprinkle with a little salt to help break the garlic down and continue chopping until very fine.

5. For crushed garlic: finely chop the garlic, then use the side of the knife blade to press the garlic against the board, making a smooth paste.

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I presume that you leave the skin on the clove when you confer

cliffS13877 cliffS13877 Posted 25 Jul 2014 9:55 AM

very helpfull,the garlic in oil is very usefull

sandraF55338 sandraF55338 Posted 25 Jan 2012 5:20 PM

really helpful, learned to confer a great idea for the oil flavour

peterH69119 peterH69119 Posted 19 Nov 2011 4:08 PM

really useful ... always wanted to know how to confer....good!

veronicaD69082 veronicaD69082 Posted 08 Jul 2011 12:09 AM


maggieD94264 maggieD94264 Posted 19 Apr 2011 6:43 PM


maggieD94264 maggieD94264 Posted 19 Apr 2011 6:39 PM

hi Surely we should be able to watch videos throw out the world, why only in Uk/

GloriaC GloriaC Posted 10 Feb 2011 9:57 PM

Hi JohnB3406, we only have the rights to play these videos within the UK, so unfortunately you will only be able to watch them when you come over here. Sorry about that.

Celia Good Food Celia Good Food Posted 04 Jan 2011 5:33 PM

I live in Portugal. Why cant I view any videos on this site ? I also have a gaff in UK and pay BBC licence fee so that excuse doesnt fly ...

JohnB3406 JohnB3406 Posted 02 Jan 2011 11:44 AM

thanks i did know all your tips . great,

maggieD94264 maggieD94264 Posted 27 Sep 2010 12:19 PM

You must take out the heart of the garlic clove so it won't repeat on you.

MisyM95453 MisyM95453 Posted 18 Mar 2010 11:05 PM

I have a MAC and I can see all videos. Great site, I dip in and out all the time Fidele

faithful faithful Posted 08 Mar 2010 6:09 PM

Your poor (Microsoft/Windows xxxxxx?) videos don't work on my superior Apple/MAC!

AvamAlan AvamAlan Posted 07 Oct 2009 6:27 PM

Brilliant idea Sam I would love that, could get ris of all the stuff I keep in the freezer.

LesleyP18045 LesleyP18045 Posted 07 Sep 2009 10:49 AM

SUGGESTION!!!! Money saving tip, use up ingrediants from cupboard or fridge! "What can I cook Page"..... Home Chef, types/lists ingrediants onto site that they have.......PRESS ENTER............... UKTV.co.uk lists several receipes which can be cooked with all the ingrediants.

sam274 sam274 Posted 17 Aug 2009 3:42 PM

I have made this before and it keeps for months. Both the oil and the garlic are great.Sterelize the jars in a low oven temp. and you won't have any problems

christineB92017 christineB92017 Posted 15 Aug 2009 12:59 PM

Useless - videeo never played

Jeff61 Jeff61 Posted 04 Aug 2009 12:27 PM

cool, i looks easy, i am usually hopeless, well not any morey, jp

joyceP15268 joyceP15268 Posted 01 Aug 2009 4:02 AM

I wouldn't keep garlic in oil for more than a week. There's a chance that it will develop botulism bacteria, which you can die from.

Anonymous Anonymous Posted 04 Jul 2009 10:38 PM

Intresting, but by christ the lesson needs to be a bit more chilled out! That so so far intense i almost had a nervous breakdown!

Anonymous Anonymous Posted 27 Jun 2009 10:42 PM

Very helpful to see it all in a video! Well done Good Food!

Ben H - UKTV Ben H - UKTV Posted 22 Jun 2009 11:24 AM