• Christmas hamper recipes

This Christmas, make your friends and family feel special with homemade food gifts. Here are our selection of themed hampers that are simple to make but will be received with great pleasure.

Our Christmas hampers include recipes to make for the family including the little ones, friends, chocoholics, entertainers, those with exotic tastes and drinks parties.

Make a family hamper
Make some good family friendly food then include a bottle of bubbles for mum and dad and a bottle of homemade lemonade for the kids.
Oreo fridge cake
Mango chutney
Cookie mix in a jar
Rice Krispie house
Mini Christmas cakes
Gingerbread men
Stained glass window biscuits
Fruity lollipops

Make a cheese lovers' hamper
Pack in a good blue, cheddar, soft and goats' cheese and let the rest of the hamper compliment each one.
Oaty cheese biscuits with rosemary
Sausage rolls
Tomato chutney with parmesan crisps
James Martin's plum chutney
Blackberry and apple chutney
Mulled cider
Mulled wine

Make an entertaining hamper
Make this for friends who love nothing more than sharing, these easy recipes are great to get out when they have friends or family over.
Biscuit wreath
Marinated olives
Chocolate and nut breadsticks
Meringue kisses
James Martin's limoncelllo
Rachel Allen's lemon curd

Make a food lovers' hamper
Great for friends who love to spend time in the kitchen. Put the goodies into a large serving bowl with some different cheeses or charcuterie.
Chilli oil
Bacon jam
Spiced nuts
Red onion chutney
Valentine Warner's rye crisp bread
Salted caramel truffles

Make an exotic hamper
Let your culinary skills shine with different tasters from around the world.
Preserved lemons
Latvian gingerbread cookies
Madhur Jaffrey's garam masala
Coconut barfi
Swedish cardamom cookies
chocolate chip biscotti

Make a chocoholic's hamper
Delve into a hamper that Willy Wonka would be proud of, there's no end to chocolatey treats to give to loved ones.
Chocolate ginger biscuits
Chocolate lollipops
Chocolate fudge
Chocolate bark
Nutty chocolate truffles
Chocolate mendiants
Reindeer cake pops

Make a traditional British hamper
Pack the hamper into a wicker basket with some cheese and seasonal fruit.
English ale mustard
James Martin's orange marmalade
Mini Christmas cakes
James Martin's shortbread
Preserved plums

Make a very merry alcoholic hamper
Pomegranate Vodka-2929
Make sure you get the party started properly with an adult-only collection of homemade alcoholic drinks. Why not try one, or all, of our boozy recipes:
Pomegranate vodka
Ginger beer
Damson gin
Quince vodka
Sloe gin

What will you be making friends and family this year? If you're looking for more inspiration, take a look at lots more of our edible Christmas gifts.


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Latest Comment

Hi Robin, thanks for your comment - that's a great suggestion, love the idea of thing a hamper around a chef including a trip to their restaurant.

Anna -Good Food Anna -Good Food Posted 21 Nov 2013 11:51 AM

If you're not very confident in the kitchen, how about a cookery book themed hamper? Buy the book & a few key ingredients to go with it, and if the writer of the book has a restaurant, either see if they do vouchers for meals there or even put a note in the hamper and take the recipent yourself. Try Matt Tebbutt's http://uktv.co.uk/food/chef/aid/585473 "Guilty Pleasures" and The Foxhunter, Paul Merrett's http://uktv.co.uk/food/chef/aid/530568/displayVideo/hi "Spice Odyssey" and The Victoria, Galton Blackiston's http://uktv.co.uk/food/chef/aid/587558 "Summertime" and Morston Hall. I recommend these as they are in the kitchens of the restaurants and are genuine down-to-earth chefs.

ROBINC69242 ROBINC69242 Posted 19 Nov 2013 2:18 PM

Love these ideas! I found some more here http://hamperideas.co.uk/ I like the idea of a beer hamper :)

JohnnyP69008 JohnnyP69008 Posted 26 Sep 2013 1:18 PM