• How to chop fresh herbs

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How to chop fresh herbs

Darina Allen demonstrates two simple knife techniques for chopping fresh herbs in her video tutorial.

The key is to use a very sharp knife of a good size such as a chef's knife. Also make sure your herbs are dry before you start chopping as otherwise they will bruise.

Gather the herbs together and hold them with your left hand. Keeping the tip of the knife on the board, slide the knife forward in a rocking motion, cutting with the herbs with the last inch or two of the blade. Keeping your nails and thumb back, use your knuckles as a guide for the knife as you slide the herbs under the blade.

Chopping herbs e.g. Parsley, Coriander

Gather the herbs in a ball, and with the tip of the knife on the board slice through them with a sliding motion. This will give you coarsely chopped herbs. To chop them more finely, change the angle of the knife so that you can use your left hand as a support on the top of the blade keeping the tip on the board. Go back and forth chopping through the herbs until they are as fine as you would like.


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There was no video when I clicked the link. However, readers may like this tip: put the herbs you want into a teacup and with your kitchen scissors, snip vertically into the cup until all the herbs are finely chopped. It's quick and easy. If you have loads of herbs for a large gathering, use a measuring jug and make sure your kitchen scissors are the long bladed variety.

CeliaH24563 CeliaH24563 Posted 07 Apr 2012 12:03 AM

Very helpful.

Joobes Joobes Posted 31 Jan 2012 4:45 PM

Very helpful Demo

TimS45883 TimS45883 Posted 01 Mar 2010 10:19 PM

Really helpful herb cutting demo.

modan modan Posted 08 Jan 2010 10:31 AM

I find the website really helpful and my confidents in cook/baking has really sky rocket. Thanks a million. Elizabeth T53594

ElizabethT53594 ElizabethT53594 Posted 04 Sep 2009 8:53 AM

thanks dis really help make chopping easier 4 me

THERESAS5379 THERESAS5379 Posted 31 Aug 2009 1:53 PM

My lazy method seems to work as well, and less washing up and no sharp knives. I use a pair of kitchen scirrprs and snip, snip, and they are cut fine as I want.

Anne WotanaK78908 Anne WotanaK78908 Posted 20 Aug 2009 5:40 PM