• Soured cream
Soured cream
Soured cream is slightly thickened single cream whose lactose (sugar) has been converted into lactic acid to give a characteristic ‘sour’ taste.
Most soured creams will keep in the refrigerator for 10-21 days. The slightly tart, refreshing taste of all soured creams works well in both savoury and sweet dishes.

In savoury cooking, it can be stirred into hot and cold soups, sauces, quiche fillings and vegetable purees to enrich them. (If to be cooked, soured cream should not be boiled, as this can cause it to separate and curdle; being higher is fat, crème fraiche can be boiled.) It also makes a good filling for baked potatoes, especially mixed with chopped herbs and garlic.

In sweet cooking, it is added to cheesecakes, cakes and biscuits, and makes a delicious partner for sweet fruits like pineapple as well as pies and hot puddings such as crumbles.