• Sausages
In Britain, pork is the favoured meat for producing fresh sausages, however a wider variety is becoming available, including beef, lamb, venison, chicken and turkey sausages.
There are also traditional speciality recipes for sausages based on fish and cheese (Welsh Glamorgan sausage), plus an increasing number made from meat alternatives such as Quorn and soya.

If you love bangers, it's worth exploring fresh sausages from other countries, such as French toulouse, cotechino and luganeghe from Italy, bratwurst from Germany, Algerian merguez, South African boerewors, and the fresh (rather than cured) versions of Spanish chorizo.

The best way to cook traditional British sausages is to bake them slowly in the oven, rather than grill or pan-fry. Do not prick them before cooking.

Serve with creamy mashed potato and onion gravy, or as part of a platter with shellfish. Sausages are also used to make toad-in-the-hole, when they are baked in a Yorkshire pudding batter.