• Parma ham
Parma ham
Parma ham or prosciutto di Parma is the best known of a family of Italian air-dried hams that also includes prosciutto crudo, and San Daniele and Carpegna hams, all of which can be used in similar ways.
It is made by traditional artisan methods according to strict rules protected under European law. These govern things such as the specific breed, age and feed of the animals used.

After salting, the pork legs are preserved by drying in the gentle breezes of the Parma region, which are considered an important factor in developing the flavour.

Serve fine slices as part of a cold meat platter, or simply tossed into hot pasta.

It goes extremely well with fruit and is often presented as a starter with melon or figs, as well as in classy sandwiches with sliced pears.

Wrap around grissini (bread sticks) or cold steamed asparagus to serve as an antipasto or cocktail snack.