• Yogurt
Yogurt is a versatile ingredient made from fermented milk, so that it thickens, preserves and becomes more digestible.
What is yogurt?

Many varieties are available made from various milks including cow, sheep, goat and soya milk. Bio-yogurt is made with specific beneficial cultures to provide a mild flavour and healthy gut bacteria.

Where can you buy it?

It's easy to find yogurt. You can buy it in supermarkets and local shops as well as more specialist stores like farm shops.

How should you store yogurt?

Keep yogurt in the lidded tub in which it was purchased, or another sealed plastic container and store in the fridge. Full fat yogurts including sweetened flavoured varieties can be frozen, provided you defrost slowly and whisk well before using as they tend to separate.

How can you use it?

A staple of Middle Eastern and Indian cooking, yogurt makes lovely creamy dips, sauces and desserts, as well as being a useful breakfast and snack food.

Some varieties can be used in cooking as a substitute for cream but check the label and the product's flavour before use as it may taste too acidic. Greek-style yogurt or thick, mild bio-yogurt tend to be the most versatile for cooking.