Medal-winning recipes

Celebrate the Olympics by eating your way round recipes from cities who have also hosted the games:

And if (fingers crossed) you end up in a celebratory mood, why not try some of our favourite summer cocktails?


  • Peking duck rolls

    Peking duck rolls

    Beijing-inspired Peking duck rolls are simple to make at home with Ching-He Huang's, in the style of the last host city

  • Grilled Greek feta salad

    Grilled Greek feta salad

    Grilled feta is a winner in this classic Greek salad recipe, representing 2004 host city Athens

  • Gourmet beef burger

    Gourmet beef burger

    Australian chef Donna Hay tops her burgers with pancetta for a treat fit for Sydney, which hosted back in in 2000

  • Perfect fried chicken

    Perfect fried chicken

    Atlanta was the 1996 host city; make dinner American-inspired with mouth-watering fried chicken

  • Pan-fried squid, baby gem and peppers

    Pan-fried squid, baby gem and peppers

    Barcelona-inspired tapas is a great way to serve up fresh squid, perfect for the 1992 host city

  • Fusion pork buns

    Fusion pork buns

    All eyes were on host city Seoul in South Korea in 1988, represented by this easy recipe for fusion pork buns

  • American-style pancakes

    American-style pancakes

    These classic American pancakes make for a tasty start to the day in 1984 host city LA

  • Smoked salmon blinis

    Smoked salmon blinis

    We wonder if this indulgently sophisticated starter was served in 1980 host city Moscow?

  • Maple-glazed chicken

    Maple-glazed chicken

    Put Maple syrup to good use in this sweet and spicy chicken recipe, to mark 1976 host Montreal

  • German sausage and potato salad

    German sausage and potato salad

    A German-inspired recipe represents 1972 host Munich, with this hearty sausage and potato salad