Man V. Food

Adam Richman travels the U.S in search of the best places to do some serious indulging.


Man V. Food

When is Man v. Food Greatest Moments next on?

Man v. Food Greatest Moments is next on at 1:30 pm on Monday, 29th December on Dave.

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  • Adam Richman interview

    Adam Richman interview

    How do you win a mammoth eating challenge? Find out from the man who's not afraid to take on any steak.

  • Extreme eating quiz

    Extreme eating quiz

    Test your knowledge on the biggest, fastest and record breaking food feats in the world

  • DIY Man V Food feast

    DIY Man V Food feast

    If Adam Richman’s feats leave your stomach rumbling and your eyes bulging, have a go at your own Man v Food feast.


  • Follow Adam Series 1

    Follow Adam Series 1

    From Amarillo's 'burger from hell' to an overstuffed sandwich in Pittsburgh - find out where Adam ate his way around the U.S

  • Follow Adam Series 2

    Follow Adam Series 2

    Hungry? Who fancies some deep-fried hot dogs, big badass burritos, foot-long frankfurters and a 42 inch pie?

  • Follow Adam series 3

    Follow Adam series 3

    Highlights include: pastrami-topped cheeseburger, a Belgian sausage sandwich and a Hellfire challenge

  • Carnivore Chronicles

    Carnivore Chronicles

    Vegetarians looks away now! Adam really gets stuck into some monster meat...