Edible gift recipes

Make someone feel extra special with our homemade foodie gift ideas such as pomegranate vodka, oreo cupcakes and bacon jam.

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  • Chocolate drizzled peppermint creams

    Chocolate drizzled peppermint creams

    Katie Bryson's easy no bake peppermint creams are a simple but stunning homemade gift idea

  • Chocolate truffles

    Chocolate truffles

    Dark and white chocolate truffles make a great edible gift to give to loved ones on special occasions

  • Oreo cupcakes

    Oreo cupcakes

    If you're in need of a sweet gift, place Lucy Lovell's cupcakes into a cute box and add coloured crepe paper

  • Cake pops

    Cake pops

    Rachel Allen's cute cake pops are a fun way to transform cake and use up leftovers - and they are a favourite at parties

  • Berry macaroons

    Berry macaroons

    Delicate meringue biscuits with a strawberry or blackberry buttercream filling that are a great homemade gift

  • Chocolate popcorn

    Chocolate popcorn

    Chocolate popcorn makes a very moreish snack - and a pretty and unusual gift. Find retro sweet bags online to present it

  • Stained glass star biscuits

    Stained glass star biscuits

    Biscuits made with a spiced festive dough and a boiled sweet glass centre

  • Cranberry and ginger cookies

    Cranberry and ginger cookies

    These are a great tea time snack or look pretty when wrapped up as a gift for a loved one

  • Chocolate crunchies

    Chocolate crunchies

    Chocolate honeycomb crunchies are perfect to make a chocolate treat - wrap up with ribbon as a present

  • Bacon jam

    Bacon jam

    Pork-loving pals will cherish a thoughtful gift like this unusual bacon jam. It looks lovely in a personalised jam jar