Chocolate brownies

Brownie recipes to indulge in, including classic chocolate brownies, decadent salted caramel brownies and white chocolate blondies.

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  • Gluten-free chocolate brownies

    Gluten-free chocolate brownies

    This award-winning gluten-free recipe from Cake Angel is rich, fudgy and delicious

  • All-American chocolate brownies

    All-American chocolate brownies

    James Martin's brownies are an all-American classic - rich, fudgy and moreish

  • Cheesecake brownies

    Cheesecake brownies

    Rachel Allen mixes rich chocolate with the tang of cream cheese to step up the indulgence level

  • Oreo brownies

    Oreo brownies

    These individual treats are baked with a whole Oreo at the bottom and flecked with cookie pieces and white chocolate

  • White chocolate brownies

    White chocolate brownies

    These nutty, white chocolate brownies are a decadent treat, perfect over a coffee with friends