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  • East Anglia

    East Anglia

    Boasting the Fens and Suffolk hills, it's hardly surprising that East Anglia offers such a bountiful harvest

  • London


    From bustling markets to character-filled tea houses, England's capital city offers plenty of diversity and variety

  • Midlands


    The heart of England, made up of market towns, farming communities and diverse cities - all filled with regional pride

  • North East

    North East

    The wild open spaces, cold sea and harsh uplands are productive for produce as well as being strikingly attractive

  • North West

    North West

    The countryside, coastline and industrial towns all offer a remarkable variety of mouth-watering food and drink

  • Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland

    A clean coastline that offers fresh fish and towns with locals loyal to their independent butcheries and bakeries

  • Scotland


    An enviable reputation that owes much to its magnificent quality and variety of natural produce and raw ingredients

  • South East

    South East

    The garden of England; brimming with orchards, vineyards, organic vegetables and organic dairy farming

  • South West

    South West

    From Cornish pasties and clotted cream to freshly caught oysters, these six counties provide a huge variety of produce

  • Wales


    A region offering a wealth of variety, extending far beyond the fame of succulent lamb and its national emblem, the leek

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