Rhubarb recipes

Our favourite rhubarb recipes will make the most of the distinctive pink stems, from Delia Smith's rhubarb pie to Gregg Wallace's rhubarb crumble, light rhubarb muffins and rhubarb trifles.

For a real treat, make your own homemade custard


  • Rhubarb tiramisu

    Rhubarb tiramisu

    Rachel Allen brightens up a traditional Italian dessert recipe with rhubarb as a taste of English summer

  • Elderflower, rhubarb and custard cake

    Elderflower, rhubarb and custard cake

    Georgina Fuggle's cake uses a whole tub of custard, making it perfectly moist and sweet

  • Rhubarb pie

    Rhubarb pie

    Delia Smith's rhubarb pie recipe makes an American-style pie that is simple to make - perfect with ice cream

  • Berry and rhubarb cheesecake

    Berry and rhubarb cheesecake

    These lighter cheesecake bars are dotted with rhubarb and berries for a tasty fruity dessert idea

  • Rhubarb panna cotta

    Rhubarb panna cotta

    Donal Skehan's rhubarb panna cotta makes a simple but impressive dessert from this seasonal vegetable