Easter biscuits

Easer biscuits in pretty gift-wrapped boxes make a great alternative to a chocolate egg, so get cracking!

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  • Easter bunny biscuits

    Easter bunny biscuits

    Bake Katie Bryson's easy rabbit-shaped vanilla cookies with the children this Easter, they make ideal gifts for friends and family

  • Custard creams

    Custard creams

    Custard creams are a classic British teatime biscuit, great to keep to yourself to dunk in tea or as edible gifts for friends and family

  • Lavender shortbread

    Lavender shortbread

    With their lavender sugar, these buttery biscuits from Gioconda Scott are a floral twist on a classic recipe

  • Cornflake cookies

    Cornflake cookies

    Bake James Martin's crunchy cornflake and marshmallow cookies for a delicious treat with a cup of tea

  • Lemon shortbread with Earl Grey icing

    Lemon shortbread with Earl Grey icing

    Zesty shortbread biscuiuts drizzled with Earl Grey tea-flavoured icing make a wonderful tea time treat

  • Red velvet cookies

    Red velvet cookies

    These cookies are a colourful twist on the American classic, red velvet cake, with added white chocolate chunks

  • Jam cookie sandwiches

    Jam cookie sandwiches

    Evoke a little nostalgia by making Rachel Allen's cute, jewel-like biscuits for your loved ones

  • Hot cross lemon cookies

    Hot cross lemon cookies

    For a simple 'hot cross' bake, try Angela Nilsen's buttery biscuits with cranberries

  • Chocolate chip pretzel cookies

    Chocolate chip pretzel cookies

    Get a sweet and salty hit with easy American-style cookies with crushed pretzels and chocolate chips

  • Simnel cookies

    Simnel cookies

    Simnel cookies have all the flavours of classic simnel cake, but in fruity biscuits sandwiched with almond buttercream