Real Bread Campaign

What could be more delicious than a slice of freshly-baked real bread? Sadly, long gone are the days when all loaves were made by local real bread bakers or in our own ovens using nothing but natural ingredients, time and care.

Between the 1950s and the 2000s, the number of small craft bakeries plummeted from around 18,000 to fewer than 5000, taking many skilled local jobs with them. Though you might see the odd new artisan bakery pop up, many more high streets continue to lose theirs.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people who do still care about the state of bread in Britain, the sort of people who make up the Real Bread Campaign; people like you.

So, what can you do to help the rise of Real Bread? Well, the easiest way is to support your nearest independent Real Bread bakery by buying a loaf. To help you, The Real Bread Finder - a unique online local loaf locator - has been created. And if you are a baker making what is known as 'real bread' (which at a basic level simply means all natural) then please do add your loaves.

If buying Real Bread from a bakery isn’t an option for you, how about baking a loaf yourself, either by hand or machine? It’s easy, cheap and allows you to take control of exactly what does – and doesn’t – go into the food you eat. Trusted real bread bakers have shared their favourite recipes with you, which over time will build into a virtual baking book here on

Whether you’re a baker, retailer, teacher, involved in a community group or social enterprise or simply a passionate punter, support the cause and become a member of the campaign.

To join the Real Bread Campaign, locate or add a local loaf, or find out more, please visit

Purchase the Real Bread Campaign's latest book, Knead to Know.

Real Bread Campaign