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Food trends for 2013

Rebecca - Good Food Channel

17th December, 2012

by Rebecca - Good Food Channel

2012 was a year of gourmet burgers, street food, top quality steak, ramen, nose to tail eating, Scotch eggs and back to basic dining rooms.

But what does 2013 have in store? We ask top foodies for their predictions...

John Whaite, winner of Great British Bake Off 2012

I think the deep fat fryer is going to make a massive comeback. They're so handy for doughnuts, churros, yum yums, samosas and spring rolls. I also really think (and sincerely hope) that street food will start to emerge in most cities across the UK. Street food is so popular in London, but here in Manchester we have yet to experience it, and so I'm thinking more will start to pop up.

veggie tart tatin

Marina O’Loughlin, journalist and Guardian restaurant critic

I think vegetables will start to take centre stage with an expansion of the farm-to-fork movement and a trickle down from the seminal likes of [Spanish restaurant] Mugaritz and Bruno Loubet's upcoming Granary Square Kitchen in King's Cross. I also believe the whole family dining thing will get bigger, pioneered by the likes of Anchor and Hope and Wapping Food, the communal plates thing caught fire with pop-ups and supperclubs and now with the likes of Will Lander's new Quality Chop House.

Mark Sargeant, head chef at Rocksalt in Folkestone and star of Good Food Channel’s Perfect…

I think there will be a backlash against sci-fi food and more fast food-style eateries. We already have the likes of Pitt Cue and Meat Liquor but I think there will be more places like that. My big tip is watch out for the return of high quality fried chicken joints. Either pop up, trailers or restaurant. I think fried chicken is coming!!

Anna Sbuttoni, producer at the Good Food Channel

The most important meal of the day in 2013? It’s got to be breakfast, but not just in the morning. I think we’ll have more to choose from to start the day, from good wholesome porridge alongside a full English, American-style pancakes, fritters and fruit smoothies. But breakfast won’t just be for breakfast - we’ll have breakfast for lunch and dinner as well, with cheap and cheerful classic recipes eaten at all hours.

Sabrina Ghayour, supperclub host, food writer and private chef

I believe Persian food or Persian-inspired recipes will be big in 2013. They have already started to appear in food magazines, fast food chain Leon has a Persian sandwich and you can get Persian pastes in supermarkets. People are looking for something a little bit different. Persian food is aromatic and citrusy, based on lemon, herbs and tomatoes rather than chilli or spices. I use a lot of saffron, pistachios and cumin as well as herbs like coriander, parsley, fresh fenugreek and dill – there is more to dill than Scandinavian fish recipes. It’s about unpretentious, family-style eating, with lots of side dishes, rice and a big pot of stew.

Atul Kochhar, head chef at Benares

I believe that Korean food will be an exciting new trend of 2013. Its popularity is already spreading across America and I think that it’s going to start being popular in the UK as well. Secondly, restaurants and shops specialising in niche foods, having a very limited menu or only serving a couple of speciality items. And another trend I hope for is going back to the reservations system!

Mark Poynton, head chef at Alimentum in Cambridge

My prediction for 2013 is the use of pressure cookers coming back into fashion. For years, people have been banging on about slow cooking but why cook it slowly when you can cook a beautiful lamb casserole in 45 minutes? All you need to do is heat a little oil, fry the diced lamb (neck is my favourite), add chopped root vegetables (all the same size) and a little garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add some brown chicken stock to cover, place the lid on the pressure cooker and cook for 30 minutes at half (1 bar) pressure. Leave to cool, release the pressure and your casserole will be ready!


Alyn Williams, chef/proprietor of Alyn Williams at The Westbury

At first, I was a bit cynical about beer on a drinks menu but after a visit to Sharps in Cornwall I left an utter convert. I believe that although beer will never take the place of wines, it deserves to sit on the same shelf. The quality that different beers bring to food is easily equal and in our restaurant we have a full list of bottled beers and offer a beer flight to go along with our tasting menus. We've found that it's becoming increasingly popular both with men and women and I’m sure this interest will continue to grow in 2013.

William Drabble, head chef at Seven Park Place in St James's Hotel

I think health/carbohydrate-free/gluten-free is the trend for 2013. People are more aware of what they eat today than ever before and I believe that this will be reflected in restaurants. Not many restaurants cater for specific diets yet and I believe that in 2013 we will see more menus offering low-carb options, gluten-free and more vegetarian options - on that note, I am happy to inform you that I am currently working on a gluten-free afternoon tea that will launch in February!


Robert Ortiz, head chef at Lima in London

I think all things Peruvian will be on trend in 2013, including foods such as black quinoa, Amazonian fruits and roots like maca, Peruvian chilliesincluding aji limo yellow and rocoto pepper, which is hot and spicy but with citrus aromas (ideal for tiradito and ceviche) and finally, paiche, the largest freshwater fish from the Amazon river. It is fresh and flaky with zero cholesterol so it is very lean and easy to cook.

Allan Pickett, head chef at Plateau in London

There are so many things that will be big in the new year, but here are my ideas. Florentines will be back in favour as Thomas Keller brings them into the 21st century and makes them hip again. I think we should still see the lesser well-known parts of cattle being used, especially beef heel and shin. I think in the early part of the year a health kick will see infusions of healthy fruits and herbs such as hibiscus, verbena, pomegranate and lemongrass.

Miso sauce

Luiz Hara, Blog editor on The London Foodie

There is so much more to Japanese miso paste than its ubiquitous soup, this wondrous, umami-laden but relatively undiscovered ingredient in the UK is made from fermented soya beans, is dead easy to use and will add tons of favour to just about anything you cook - great as a marinade for grilled fish or meat, or mix it with some sugar and lemon for a most scrumptious rub for BBQ pork ribs, I also love it thinly spread over fried aubergine, topped with mozzarella cheese and finished off under a very hot grill. Used for centuries in Japanese cooking, miso is a healthy, completely fat free and highly nutritious ingredient I would love to see more of on our tables in 2013.

What do you think the food trends of 2013 will be? Tell us what you think below...


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I had my recipe for Florentines published a year ago in BBC Good Food magazine and they have been a hit ever since. Made with corn flakes, glace cherries, nuts, and condensed milk they look and taste yum and make great presents. Would now love to share my baked cheesecake recipe -

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