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How to eat yourself well

Claire Dodd

15th November, 2012

by Claire Dodd

How to eat yourself well

Winter cold getting you down? No problem. Make yourself better with vitamin-rich recipes and nutritious comfort food.

Opt for classic comfort

Not feeling your best? Try a warming soup to keep your energy levels up, help soothe sore throats and give you a vitamin boost.

Be tactical and choose a recipe loaded with vegetables to improve your ability to fight bugs. The good news about this healthy soup recipe with courgettes, carrot and parsnip, is firstly that it couldn't be easier to prepare – simply pop the ingredients in a pan and heat. Make the soup in batches and freeze it for when you need a fix.

Winter warmers for stuffy heads

Blocked nose and stuffy head? Try Thai chicken soup, which contains anti-inflammatories ginger and chilli.

Feel free to adjust the levels of these ingredients depending on how delicate you’re feeling - if you're feeling congested, you might want to turn up the heat.

Fruit injection

Need a hit of fruit? Get it in one easy shot. This beetroot, pomegranate and orange smoothie is a sure-fire pick me up.

For a start, it’s rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that also aids healing. And if you're feeling tired, it should help you with that as well, as the rich iron in beetroot can help boost energy levels and stamina.

Festive treats

Many festive foodie favourites are excellent for helping to boost your immune system, says nutritionist Emma Gardner, director of Appetite for Life.

“Nuts such as brazil, hazelnuts, pumpkin and squash seeds have high levels of Zinc, a great immune boosting nutrient," she says. "Many spices have antibacterial properties; cinnamon warms the whole system and acts as a tonic.”

So you can tuck into this almond and cinnamon cake guilt free.

And chocoholics, you can say a big thank you now. “Chocolate has many health promoting benefits,” says Emma. “A sugar filled bar will not do the trick, but 100 per cent cacao is rich in antioxidants and zinc. Grate it onto porridge or add to savoury dishes such as chilli.”

Get chocolate and cinnamon in one hit with these sweet wontons.

Keep up your energy

Remember to keep your carbohydrate and protein intake up – you’ll be back on your feet quicker with a little energy boost. Whip up this pasta with ricotta and prosciutto in just 15 minutes and return to bed in the knowledge that even while ill, you can rustle up a delicious dinner with ease.

Get well soon!


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