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How to make 8,000 cupcakes in one weekend

Harriet Chandler

10th October, 2012

by Harriet Chandler

How to make 8,000 cupcakes in one weekend

When baking a batch of cupcakes, most people will make about 24, give or take a bit of bowl licking. But imagine making more than 300 times that amount. Would you have what it takes to make 8,000 cupcakes? All in one weekend? One woman did...

Palette of cupcakes

Harpreet Baura was asked to make 8,000 plain vanilla cupcakes for children to decorate at a summer event in Hyde Park.

Harpreet is the brain behind Crumbs! Couture, a luxury cake company based in North West London. She left her high pressure job as a city lawyer to take up a career in baking and became London’s first so-called "cupcake socialite".

Stand mixer

So how did she do it? Well, of course you still need sugar, flour, eggs and icing sugar, but just on a larger scale. Harpreet and her two helpers (yes that’s right, just the three of them!), needed:

- 85kg of flour
- 85kg of caster sugar
- 180kg of icing sugar (the same weight as a fully grown male lion)
- 180kg of butter
- 1,333 eggs (enough to make more than 650 omelettes)
- ½ a gallon of vanilla extract
- 8 pints of milk (enough for around 40 bowls of cereal)
- 320 large cupcake boxes


These three devoted ladies gave up on their own Jubilee celebrations, spending all four days of the long weekend locked indoors, slaving away.

The oven was on for a day and a half – and over 32 hours, they suffered 1 powercut, consumed 48 cups of tea and ate 12 M&S sandwiches. They listened to BBC Radio 5 live to keep involved with the celebrations going on outside, and made three deliveries to Hyde Park.

Naked cupcakes

It was a tough job, especially with only 3 people working on the project. They had to deliver 2,000 cupcakes on each day of the four-day weekend. So starting on the Friday, they made 2,000 cupcakes per day, with each delivery going the following morning. That means they made more than 650 cupcakes each a day, can you imagine?!

But each day they reached their target and baked 2,000 cakes.


And iced them…

Oh and boxed them. And got them to Hyde Park.

What’s the largest batch of cupcakes you’ve made? How did you get through it? Tell us your stories in the comments box below, on Facebook or Twitter, we love to hear them.

Want to make cupcakes at home? Take a look at our favourite cupcake recipes. You won't have to make 8,000, we promise.


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