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Student cooking tips from Sorted

4th October, 2012

Student cooking tips from Sorted

Say goodbye to stodgy ready meals and guilty mornings clearing takeaway boxes from the floor, here's Sorted's guide on how to eat well and save money doing it.

Team up

Cooking on your own with a budget of just £2 isn’t easy but scale that up to £8 and it’s no trouble at all to cook a feast of food for 4 people. Share the work and cost between flatmates or friends and not only does it become a bit of a laugh, but an excuse to catch up on all the latest gossip in the kitchen.

Ben Ebbrell

Food stash

Get one big online food shop every so often crammed full of a selection of the heavy staple ingredients; pasta, rice potatoes, noodles, dried herbs and spices, flour, sugar, tins of fruit, tomatoes and beans. Then all you have to do is plan a day or two in advance, take advantage of the reduced items in supermarkets when grabbing the fresh stuff and get creative.

Barry Taylor

Be inspired

Cooking the same 4-6 recipes on repeat will get boring. And yet that’s exactly what the average British family household does. So why not mix it up instead? Take a look at our top 10 student recipes or take a look at the new Sorted cookbook and their videos on the Sorted website. Go on, find yourself some new favourites.

Beginners get... SORTED

The Sorted philosophy kicked off while chef Ben Ebbrell and photographer/designer Barry Taylor were at university. Budgets were tight, equipment lacking, time limited but appetites were bulging and their friends all got involved with the project.

Today, despite now offering quick, simple, tasty recipe solutions for any matter of problems and people, students are still very much a focus.

They have just published Beginners Get… SORTED, a trusty companion for anyone that needs a helping hand in the kitchen.


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