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Alternative to Curry Leaves

Thread Starter: Suki 7    Started: Thu 23 Nov 2006    Replies: 3

I am planning a curry night for friends - a lot of the recipes I would like to use list curry leaves as an ingredient, but I live abroad and can't source them. Does anyone know an alternative mainstream ingredient I could use instead (currypowder?) and the proportions I should use to e.g. 10 curry leaves?

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Thu 23 Nov 2006, 9.47PM


Hi there.
Sorry to let you down but there is no real substitute for curry leaves so if you cannot find them just emit them, dont do as some may say and substitute bay leaves as the taste is totally different.

If by chance you should see dried as apposed to fresh curry leaves (more readily available) then these are far less aromatic so not realy worthy of buying (though saying that i have ground them into homemade powders)
You'd be much better off just keeping your eyes peeled and if you should by chance stumble across some (Asian stores) do as i do and pick up a big bunch, freeze them and just use them straight from freezer to pan.

T. Smile

ps. curry plant found in garden centres is a totally different animal.

Fri 24 Nov 2006, 10.18AM


you can buy them online here
this is a great website and delivery is very fast - they sell lots of lovely things as well.
although as Trappist says you can just omit them.

Fri 24 Nov 2006, 1.14PM

cheese obsessive

i would omit them
i don't really rate them anyway, to me they have a bit of a funny taste