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ox heart

Thread Starter: soupercook    Started: Sun 22 Oct 2006    Replies: 2

has anyone tried using ox heart as an economical substitute for a Sunday roast!!ask your butcher for the top half [thats all lean] and a piece of fat to lard it with.then cook axactly as your regular beef joint[cook through not pink!!!]average top half of heart weighs about 1.3 kg igive it about 2 hours.it,s as tasty as any topside joint when carved and at a fraction of the cost

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Sun 22 Oct 2006, 4.14PM


yes i had ox heart the other week as we hadn,t had it for ages,my son wasn,t to keen but he ate it-it was lovely. Smile

Sun 22 Oct 2006, 7.23PM


glad you enjoyed your ox heart!if you aren't squemish pigs head is another deliciuos cut!!ask the butcher to give you the lower jaw only[the rest could be used for brawn]well scored and roasted for about 3 hours its really delicious!!