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Soya Mince Virgin

Thread Starter: cheekygirl    Started: Sat 30 Sep 2006    Replies: 4

Please can anyone tell me what to do with/how to cook dry soya mince? Tesco's are selling 800g bags, but there are no instructions on the packs. I have used r**leat frozen vegemince before, but the dried stuff is even cheaper. Do I need to boil it first or just soak it in stock?? HELP! - Also is it better for you than the frozen?

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Wed 4 Oct 2006, 10.45PM


Hi Cheekygirl, my husband used to use a lot of dry soya mince. He says he used to just soak it in cold water for 'a bit' and then drain and use. It didn't take long to soften. Don't know if it's better for you. Baby started crying got to go

Thu 5 Oct 2006, 10.06AM

Swiss Chard

Hi. I have tried this but confess I prefer Q**rn mince (OK now that they use free range egg white). For the dried stuff I pour on boiling water and add a bit of marmite & maybe soem dried herbs, stir & leave to soak. Seems to work OK. Nutritionally I don't think there is much to choose, except of course that soya is good for girls! Hope this helps.

Thu 5 Oct 2006, 10.14AM


Swiss Chard: How long would I need to leave it to "soak"?

Sat 1 Dec 2007, 12.22AM


Hi cheekygirl i dont know if you have had any luck finding out how to cook soya mince but i found this hope it helps :-
Don't forget to add water or stock to soya protein chunks or granules before you use them. If your packet of soya protein does not give instructions, follow these general rules:
soya protein mince or granules - using 1½ times its own weight in water or stock, soak the soya protein for 15 minutes or simmer for three minutes.
soya protein chunks - using 2½ times their weight in water, soak the chunks for an hour or simmer for 30 minutes.