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Delrosa Rosehip Syrup

Thread Starter: Primoz    Started: Mon 12 Dec 2005    Replies: 10

Can anyone remember from the 60's and 70's and early 80's Delrosa Rosehip Syrup. Does anyone know where I can purchase any in England or Europe. I found a website but it is in Changi and they don't post abroad. Please HELP someone.

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Tue 13 Dec 2005, 11.32AM

Fudge's Mum

Yes - I remember! I also remember it rotting my younger cousin's teeth as it was so full of sugar!

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 12.36PM


As a boy in Dunblane in Scotland in the early 60's we were paid to collect rosehips. I seem to remember we were paid something like 9d per pound. These were for the rosehip syrup indutry.
I don't know if it can still be bought,however, Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall made a rosehip syrup in his programme last week. So, there must be recipes out there.

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 3.42PM


Cheeky I remember when I was younger taking this before going off to school, in the cold winter mornings.Riverside Primary near Stirling to be exact!!!!!!

I believe you can still source this, ask your chemist!!

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 3.43PM


Big Grin Dunblane??? The home of Jim McLeod Band and the old Hydro??? And that fantastic accordianist Tommy Ford WoW!!!! Braces

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 4.05PM


Fordy - I lived in Dunblane from 62 to 65 (p5 to p7 at school). They were some of the best days of my life - Despite being the ONLY English boy in the school!

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 4.57PM


I have the recipe that I used to make my own from if you want it let me know and I will dig it out

Tue 13 Dec 2005, 4.58PM


I picked rosehips when I was at school but I don't remember getting as much as 9d!

Tue 12 Dec 2006, 1.17PM



Can you post the recipe for this drink as I really miss it??

Tue 12 Dec 2006, 7.12PM


hi.. just to let you all know that i have found a shop that sells Rosehip Syrup.
Get yourselves down to Lakeland Plastics. It's not Delrosa... but it is Rosehip Syrup which i have not had for over 25 years. Big Grin Smile

Mon 18 Dec 2006, 6.06PM


theres a coincidence I havent been here for ages and just thought that I would pop in !!!

2 1/2lb of hips (those fat juicy ones are brilliant and I managed to forage a load this year)
3 pints boiling water
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 1lb sugar
pick of the end bit wash and put through a mincer into a saucepan and pour on 3 pints boiling water
bring to boil again and then leave it for aboutr 1/2 hour
strain well I leave it in the drip bag for a few hours to make sure I get it all
measure the juice and boil down to 1 1/2 pints add the sugar and boil rapidly for 3 minutes bottle when cold into sterilised jars
I also sometimes add lemon juice or ginger