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gary Rhodes pate recipe

Thread Starter:    Started: Tue 21 Dec 2004    Replies: 27

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Tue 21 Dec 2004, 5.32PM


Hi mais -

You will not find any of Gary Rhodes recipes on this site for copyright reasons.

Afraid you have to borrow or buy the book (Great British Classics - apparently it is going cheap at Tesco), or visit your local library.

In future if you are looking for a recipe by a particular chef or programme, select Recipes from the list on the left hand side of the page. Under Find recipes by series or Find recipes by Chef, check if the one you are looking for is listed. If not, the recipe will not be on site because of copyright.

Wed 22 Dec 2004, 10.45AM


mais - sorry but I gave you the wrong information. The book is New British Classics, not Great.

Wed 22 Dec 2004, 11.01AM


Livewire - I have copy of New British Classics but cannot find the recipe for Pate which is requested by mais. There is a recipe for pate but not the one baked in a circular cake tin with the bacon looking like the spokes of a wheel.


Wed 22 Dec 2004, 12.33PM


Tansy I am sorry for all this mix up. I took the information from another post asking for the Pate recipe which said -

'the book your looking for is called New British Classics, there you will find a couple of recipes for Pate'

Obviously not the one you are looking for. My apologies again.

Wed 22 Dec 2004, 1.10PM


He has a very similar one in Gary Rhodes At the table

Wed 22 Dec 2004, 11.24PM


I gave up searching for it and went for a Raymond Blanc recipe (sort of, couldn't quite match the ingredients) currently in the oven!

Thu 23 Dec 2004, 1.06PM

Lydia t

If its any help the receipe you refer to is in the Gary Rhodes Cookery Year and I have it, would you like a copy of the receipe or I could retype it and email to you. I made it last Christmas and it went down a storm!!

Thu 23 Dec 2004, 1.42PM

fraggle & Pookies mum

Does anyone have his receipe he did the other night for french onion soup with steak and kidney dumpligs?

Thu 23 Dec 2004, 5.14PM


Lydia t

Do you mean The Complete Cookery Year published in October 2003? I have the two Cookery Year books 'Spring into Summer' and 'Autumn into Winter' and that particular recipe is not in either of them. Tongue

Fri 24 Dec 2004, 8.37PM

Lydia t

Just before xmas last year I bought his cookery year book it was hard backed and had a white cover with Gary Rhodes (obviously) on the front I think it was a new release at the time, so yes I'd say the Complete Cookery Year book the receipe is on the same page as the turkey

Wed 29 Dec 2004, 9.49AM


Am thoroughly confused. I have the New British Classics and the autumn-into-winter Cookery Year but can find no trace of the wonderful pate recipe in either. Can somebody help or clarify? I can't at the year's end afford to buy the spring-into-winter book.

Sun 21 Dec 2008, 6.15PM


Lydia T, I wonder if you could possibly help me out. My fiance was planning on doing the pate for Christmas this year, and I have addicentally just deleted the programme from our V+ box!! Arrgh....!!
Do you still have the book, and could I possibly get a copy of it???

Mon 22 Dec 2008, 2.16PM


Hi there, My husband was also going to cook the bacon wrapped pate, but did exactly the same thing by deleting the programme. I have checked the UKtvFood channel and the Gary Rhodes Christmas programmes are repeated tomorrow - they're strange times though so check the listings before setting the record button! We are recording them again and then wizzing through them to find the recipie as we're not sure which programme it's on!

Tue 23 Dec 2008, 1.23AM


I have the Gary Rhodes Complete cookery year book and it has this pate recipe in it. I made it last year and am going to make it this year. If anyone wants the recipe i can e-mail it to them (hope that's not breaking any rules). I remeber watching Gary make it on TV once and i tried for ages to find the recipe, luckly i managed to get the book in the end after already wrongly buying 'The Cookery year' instead of 'The complete cookery year' which is an easy mistake to make as the covers on both books are nearly identical. Also most supermarkets don't sell some of the ingredients needed to make the pate, so you may need to go to the butchers etc.

Fri 4 Dec 2009, 10.19AM


hello everyone Smile my four year old daughter watched gary rhodes making his pate wrapped in bacon yesterday and was totally mesmorised!! now she has said that she wants to make it for christmas, please could i have the recipe from one of you very kind people that has it as i have been searching online for it but can't find it anywhere, thankyou so much for your help xx

Sat 19 Dec 2009, 2.33AM


Can i just clarify?
allenaA51069... The pate recipe is in the book The complete cookery year?
Confused Can I please get this recipe from you if it is allowed?

Wed 23 Dec 2009, 7.05AM


MOCHALATE sorry for the late reply. I have only just seen this. It may be too late now, but i do have the recipe. I don't think that i can put it up on here due to copyright. I could maybe e-mail you the recipe or something. I don't know what is breaking the rules or what i am or am not allowed to do on here, but i remeber when i really wanted this recipe and i just couldn't believe that i couldn't get it on the internet anywhere.

Wed 23 Dec 2009, 1.13PM


thankyou, the programme has been repeated since and i now have the recipe, thankyou so much for your reply xx happy christmas Smile

Wed 23 Dec 2009, 1.18PM


allenaA51069 Thank you very much, just in time to go shopping for the ingredients!

Thu 24 Dec 2009, 3.31AM


I know, i'm sorry mochalatte it is VERY late notice indeed. I myself have actually left it too late again this year and haven't even got all the ingredients yet. I still need to travel through the snow and find a butchers that has the one ingrediant i need and then i can get started which means that i will have an even bussier christmas eve than usual. Gary rhodes also recomends that the pate be made up together about 48hrs before cooking for best results so i am already pushing it.
Again sorry that my response was late, i had totally forgot about this board until a couple days ago.

Mon 18 Jul 2011, 6.42AM


Guys - am also desperately after this pate recipe from Gary Rhodes, if anyone has it thanks a million

Sat 7 Jan 2012, 7.37PM


Brian, if you get it can you forward it please mate?



Tue 17 Jan 2012, 7.02PM


Has anyone ever received a reply on here, I gave my e-mail address but haven't heard from anyone, I think the clue might be in going to the library!

Lonely old me!

Sat 28 Jan 2012, 3.01PM


You won't get a reply via email as it is against the rules to give email addresses. Cry

Mon 30 Jan 2012, 2.15PM


Thanks Rosti, probably explains why it is not on here!

Went to the library and got it in the end Smile