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flour mites

Thread Starter: debbieanne    Started: Mon 01 Mar 2004    Replies: 11

Could anyone tell me if flour mites do you any harm, and can you still use the flour. I live in Spain and the British flour always seems to have these little tiny things that crawl in it. I bought Spanish flour and nearly died there bugs are the size of a large ant and with a big black body, could not even risk that. My family were disappointed not to be able to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

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Mon 1 Mar 2004, 1.37PM


not to sure, but do remember cooking round my neighbours house when i was a child and she was horrified by these things. had to chuck the lot away, clean, dissinfect the cupboard. so would b interesting to know! mind u these bugs r so tiny wouldnt want to use same batch flour anyway!!

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 1.59PM


debbieanne, discard the flour. Females lay between 20 and 30 eggs a day. They leave a sweet sticky residue which taints the food when they are young they have 6 legs and when adult 8 legs. Although not toxic to begin with it's not really fit for human consumption. We studied mites and bugs in food in catering college, mind you we di this at school in itt. If you saw what they look like under a microscope you would throw everything away that had these yucky mites in. Keep your flour in a very dry container in a cool place. Hope this helps.

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 2.02PM


after reading that blondie doesnt come in to question if u would want to keep or not!!! lol yuk, yuk.

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 2.16PM


I really do have to go now snoozy but just to let you know I've got my college books here and re-reading them as I can't show you them here just been onto www.google .com and typed in Flour Mites. Their is quite a section here they look very similar to house mites. When I vacumn I always open my windows as the fresh air kills them as they are in the air. They are really HORRIBLE.

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 2.52PM


oooooooooh!!! i have laminate floors, and ceramic tiles elsewhere so hopefully not a prob here!!! but eeek!!! c u soon. xx

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 6.55PM


If you have room store flour in the fridge.
You can also put new flour in the freezer for 24 hours before using to kill off any eggs then sift.

I have heard that putting bay leaves in with flour, pasta and rice deterrs them. or kept on the shelf in the cupboard.
Havent tried this last one myself but will do as I have a small bay tree in the garden.

Mon 1 Mar 2004, 7.08PM


emmmmm, not heard that b 4 either. interesting. got to get rid of the blighters somehow!!!

Tue 2 Mar 2004, 1.01PM


The postings for flour mites

Tue 2 Mar 2004, 1.15PM


Trudi is right they are called weavles but their scientific name is psofids. They also can survive in paper and books. Apparantly, if you keep your flour in an air tight container in a cool place you shouldn't get them, but I still have got them under these conditions. My advice is, just don't keep flour too long. Use it or loose it.

Wed 3 Mar 2004, 12.07AM


I get through a lot of flour so never have a problem but I put my childrens soft toys in the freezer for 24 hours incase they have house mites.

Wed 3 Mar 2004, 5.59PM


you must get rid of the pkt as it can spread into other things such as sugar and cornflour