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chinese restaurant curry

Thread Starter: david91    Started: Wed 01 Jun 2005    Replies: 22

anyone got a recipe for a curry which replicates the taste of a typical chinese takeaway. I know its a sacrilage but I get nostalgic after a few beers. Wink

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Wed 1 Jun 2005, 9.23AM


To be honest with you David, I have tried this and failed. I always make my own sauces but this one beats me. I have tried numerous ready made ones too, and after a long time of looking, found the best. I buy it from Farm Foods (freezer store), and it's wonderful. You'll find it with the Chinese ready meals (which I incently do not buy).

I just add chicken (or whatever meat you like) peas and onions. The rest of the chinese meal I make myself. Try it you will be surprised. Hope this is some help David Big Grin

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 10.21AM


Asda's own make Chinese Curry Sauce is very good.

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 10.23AM


Haven't tried that one Trekkie, but I think I will. Smile

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 10.35AM


I would like to be able to knock this sauce up from individual ingredients rather than a ready made sauce-its a pride thing really. I dont get much satisfaction from creating from a pre-mix. Frown

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 11.17AM


all v. well and good and intended David, however without the MSG it is difficult to really get the authentic taste... no matter what I do my chicken chowmein just doesn't match up to my local takeaway! Good luck anyhow, and let us know if you suceed as it is my OHs favourite! Blurgh

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 11.25AM

Love Grub

Hiya David, you may be in luck... Do you mean the same sort of chinese curry sauce that you can buy separately with an order too?? Regards. Marie Big Grin Big Grin

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 11.54AM


There is a Japanese Chicken Katsu curry in the recipe section i tried it once and it reminded me of a chinese takeaway Big Grin

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 12.19PM

Love Grub

Have just checked the fridge I have a tub of "Chinese curry sauce" Concentrated, just mix with water like gravy. I got mine from a local oriental store £1.65. I know for sure that Wing Yip sell it. Or you could ask your local takeaway waht paste they use and where they get it from. Happy hunting. Marie Big Grin Big Grin

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 3.52PM


First of all you will need to go to a chinese supermarket and purchase the special curry powder that is used in the curries.Then you will have to make some seasoned all.I have posted a few recipes on this site so will go and hunt for them,I may be a few min searching.When I wrote the recipe for chicken chow mein,I also wrote how to make the seasoned oil.Be back as soon as poss'.If I cannot find,will post again followed by the recipe for curry.Meanwhile here are the ingredients you are going to need incase you have to go shopping.Light and Dark soy sauce.cornflour.garlic.onion.stock.chilli sauce.brown sugar.chinese rice wine.salt.Any meat will do.IE,Chicken.Pork,lamb,beef.Be back soon.

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 4.19PM


Well after all that searching under my name it would have been quicker for me to have re-written it out for you.
Put What is you childrens favorite meal into searc box and click on chat and it will take you to pages.Chow mein recipe 11-20 and over the page 21-27 is the recipe for seasoned oil.I know the spellings are in-correct but if you try and alter them it may not find it.In prob's I'll be back.

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 4.43PM


This is the way they cook it in my local .
Into a large bowl put 2 tps sugar.2 tbls light soy sauce.2 tbls of wine and 2 tbls of cornflour.Marinate the cubed meat in this mixture for half an hour.
Put the oil into a heated wok and add one crushed clove of garlic with 2 small chopped onions.Cook over a low flame add the curry powder approx 3 tabls' for about 2 min's.Once all of this is light brown in colour add some stock or just plain water to make a thick paste.Drop your chicken cubes or other meat cubes into the paste and turn up the heat.Cook for a further 6-7 min's.Keep turning over and stirring otherwise it will stick.At this stage to the wok add salt to taste and 2 tablsp'dark soy sauce and then cover the meat with stock or water.Bring to the boil then simmer for about half an hour for chicken and for lamb 20 min's longer and the beef will take approx an hour.you don't have to but if you like chilli sauce add 1-2 teasp at the end of the cooking time mix in well and serve.

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 8.20PM


Smile thanks for all contributions to my query. Blondie02 especially thanks for all your efforts on my behalf. I am now obligated to attempt your suggestions so I will give it a go and report back a.s.a.p.

Wed 1 Jun 2005, 9.40PM

chi lo

no one put soya sauce in the curry. you can make your own curry paste in 3 or 4 hours but last you about 2 or 3 month, anyone want to know how? Develish

Thu 2 Jun 2005, 9.25AM


I would love to know how to make your curry paste chi lo. If you will let me(us) know I would be grateful. Wink

Thu 2 Jun 2005, 10.38AM


Hi david91.Your very welcome.The recipe I put up for you came from my friends resaurant it's his own but chi lo is right as regarding home cooked curries and many other restaurant curries.The parents of the girls that are staying with me at the moment use a yellow ginger powder but these keys won't write the chinese name.It is mixed with water.Sometimes they add red chillis for the extra heat. I also have the sauce they use in the chinese chip shops aswell.That one doesnot use soya sauce.This quick curry paste can be used for the curry or as a dip.I also forgot to ask you the colour of the sauce as my local does a greeny colour,a yellowy one and a brownish one.I do know that they vary from restaurant to restaurant.Happy cooking.
I would also be interested in your paste chi lo.I know the stock is long winded for the curry sauce but well worth it.Thanks. Smile

Tue 19 Jul 2005, 8.55PM


If you are interested in the EXACT Chinese Curry you get from the Take Aways then look no further than this company. I promise you, it's as close as you will ever get and they do mail order. And to make it even more perfect, it takes no time at all to prepare. I can't tell the difference from my local Chinese. Comes in dried packet form. Be interested to hear what others think.


Wed 27 Sep 2006, 4.12PM

longy 1

so you want to make a good curry try this/ 8 table spoons sunflower oil and a knob of butter in frying pan. add dice chicken fillet .hand full of chopped onion. good squirt of soy sauce. good squirt of tomato sauce. cook for a few mins.add half a tub of hot makaway curry powder and mix. have your kettle boiled ready as you will have to add a bit of water at a time keep stiring. fry the powder for about 30 second adding water a bit at a time till you get a paste. as soon as you get a paste pour the water to the top of the pan then transfer to sauce pan keep stiring and adding water till you get it to the desired thickness now add more onion .half teaspoon ground chillies.half teaspoon paparika. squirt of lemon juice and a squirt of garlic puree.
now add mixed vegtables the frozen kind work well. add some black pepper and salt. let it simmer for 30 mins keep stiring. just before serving add mushrooms cook them only for a 2 mins serve and enjoy. most impotant thing is mixing it to a paste. dont put to much meat and onions in to start .you need to leave room so you can mix it to a paste get that bit right you will have a good curry. the rest of your meat can be fryed then added to sauce please reply if you try it and let me know what you thought

Tue 5 Aug 2008, 3.25PM


I too would love to have a recipe to make the concentrated curry paste that you can buy. I have been using the Wing Yip one for years. I did have a recipe years ago but sadly lost it. Chi Lo could you perhaps post the recipe for your tried and tested one. I have tried some recipes recently for pastes but they do not come up to standard. Jan

Wed 3 Jun 2009, 4.00PM


I've been gradually working on the chinese curry sauce like you get from the takeaway over the last few years ! (not a constant process just doing it every now and again).
I've finally got a recipe that I'm happy with that you can buy the ingredients for without having to get a specific packet of curry sauce powder etc...

[url=[link] Curry Sauce like you get from the takeaway[/url]

Where most other Chinese style curry sauce recipes fall down is using a specific packet/jar/tin/tub of curry powder/mix to make it, which then means you can't follow it unless you have that available where you are !

If you want the UK style sort of greenish/yellow curry sauce you get in the Chippy and Takeaways then my recipe link above should do it for you !


Wed 3 Jun 2009, 9.45PM


Maybe Ihave been to Mars never heard of it!........... Blurgh

Sat 12 Feb 2011, 1.47PM


Not sure ifyou still need this, but I discovered that Mayflower make as near as poss curry mix you just mix with water. It is called Chinese Style medium Curry sauce mix and I bought it from Farmfoods. I have been searching for ages and this is as near as my tastebuds get.

Tue 31 Jan 2012, 11.00AM


HMM.. No idea actually. I haven't encountered any type of recipe yet.
Can you specify more about the recipe?