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Gary Rhodes' Country Pate

Thread Starter: DannyWhatmough    Started: Thu 18 Sep 2003    Replies: 4

Hi - does anyone have the recipe for Gary Rhodes' Country Pate which was on Gary Rhodes at the Table on UKFood on Thursday 18th September in the afternoon? There was one dicussed here before but i dont think it was the same one as that one was with chicken livers and the one i saw was with pork. It looked wonderful but i didnt manage to write it all down!! If anyone knows it that would be great!!


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Thu 18 Sep 2003, 5.33PM

Davey Boy

Hi Danny, the program is repeated to night at 8 pm so you can get the rest of it then.

Thu 18 Sep 2003, 6.54PM


Thanks - how silly of me not to check!!!

Fri 19 Sep 2003, 7.53AM


I saw the 8pm show, and didn't write it down. Anyone else with forethought?
I'd love to try the pate recipe.

Fri 19 Sep 2003, 4.02PM


Hi. I am looking for a recipe from Gary Rhodes, It is for individual sponge cakes based on the Dundee cake and topped with a smooth sauce.
Big Pedro